Makeup Artists FAQs

How to Become a Makeup Artist

What is a Makeup Artist?

A makeup artist is a trained individual who uses cosmetics to enhance a person’s appearance, often using make up to enhance features at the same time as hiding flaws. Other forms can include makeup artistry, in which the makeup artist creates special effects and characters for theatre & video productions, movies, TV and photography.

What do I need to study to become a makeup artist?

To start off working in retail for brands such as Mac, Mecca or Sephora, you will most likely need a Cert II as a bare minimum. If you are looking for a full makeup artist qualification then a Cert III in Makeup will be the course you need to start off with.

What career options are there for a qualifies makeup artist?

There is no shortage of career opportunities for experienced make up artists.  While retail sales roles can be a good foot in the door for beginners, more experienced artists may begin a career freelancing, possibly specialising in weddings, special events and photo shoots. As you advance you could find yourself being involved in performing arts and the movie and TV industry or perhaps even doing the makeup for models and high fashion brands.

How much does a Makeup Artist earn in Australia?

How much you can earn as a makeup artist in Australia will come down to a number of differing factors, such as your location, what area you specialise in, your level of experience and of course the quality of your portfolio. The hourly rate can range from around $17 per hour up to about $50 per hour. To get a better understanding and read about earning potential in more detail please click here.


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